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My thoughts on graduating, now.

Read this post before you read any further.

April 2nd, 2013
40 days until Graduation (and counting).

Well, here I am again. Sometimes it feels so surreal, as if the last four years have slipped away without me paying much notice. Some days I feel like I’ll wake up and be that dorky freshman again carrying around the huge portfolio bag and tote full of supplies for my Design Foundations class.

It’s still pretty difficult to get up in the morning, but that’s mainly due to having 8 and 9 a.m.’s daily and staying up late working on projects. Don’t get me wrong, its still not a bad thing, it just comes with being a senior design student, which I’ve accepted humbly.
Reading my last post, I am however a bit jealous of the carefree days of being
a senior in high school.

I am just so eager to graduate, find a career, and start over new.

High school seems like yesterday, and if I told myself then about some of the things that would happen over the course of four short years I’m not sure I would believe it. The ups, the downs, gains, losses, accomplishments and short comings. All the things that have shaped me as a designer and person. Always trying to grow and learn from the mistakes I make and also from being in the crossfire of others mistakes. There have been a few pretty big metaphorical bitch slaps along the way. I’m glad the 17 year old me had the insight to realize life wouldn’t always be as easy as it was senior year.

Things are changing, as they always seem to do. As soon as you get comfortable its time to start over again. This, will be one of the biggest changes I’ve experienced. Not being in school? I’ve been here for the last 16+ years of my life, which is about as far back as I can remember. I am ready, though. Maybe a piece of me will miss college, at least the care free lifestyle, but I can’t dwell. Bigger, better things are ahead, that is for sure.

Philly has been great to me. I sincerely love this city with my entire being, as it is the only other place in this world that has ever felt like home, besides home.

I guess this is the part where I thank YOU. If you’ve played any part in my journey from high school graduation until now, thank you. The past and current relationships, friendships, classmates and teachers. Those of you who have slipped out of my life at some point, be it by choice or just happenstance. My few closest friends and my family, those of you who have stuck with me and have the biggest impact on my life right now. You have all in some way or another shaped who I am today, and I am very grateful.

As for me, I’m going to work my ass off until graduation, enjoy the moment, and then I’m peacin out of PhilaU for good. Hopefully make something of myself.

Good luck with your life.

My thoughts on graduating, four years ago

I recently stumbled on my old myspace page, (Archaic, I know), and found this blog post I wrote as a senior in high school. I figured I would write another post detailing my thoughts as a senior in college, four years later. Here is the original post:

Feb 28, 2009
Three Months until Graduation. (and counting)

Everyday it’s harder to get up and go to school in the morning.
I don’t know any senior who can’t relate to that.

This has absolutely nothing to do with being upset, because trust me, life is GOOD right now. So good, maybe too good.
I am just so eager to graduate, spend one last summer with my friends, and just start over new.
I’m not quite sure the point of this blog, but do my blogs ever have a point?

Life has changed so much, Jr. High seemed like yesterday. We would have done ANYTHING to be in the position we are in right now back then. At least I would have. Some people haven’t changed, make the same old mistakes and still wonder why bad results happen to them. That sucks, but we can’t run from growing up forever. No matter how tough we think we are the real world is going to bitch slap us in the face someday, most likely multiple times.

Anyway, I’m starting to imagine living in a different place then here. There is a big difference between saying and actually doing something. I know, I know, it’s just Philly, only about an hour and a half down the road, but still. I use to absolutely hate it here back in the day, could not wait to leave. Probably because I made it that way. I still can’t wait, not really because I hate this place, but because I just want to experience a new place, with new people. I actually have grown very fond of this area. It’s the place I’ve grown up, nothing will ever change that.

The world is so much bigger then just us. Some of us like to think we are the center of the universe. Well our own universe anyway. Obviously we were put on this little green and blue sphere in the middle of no where for a reason. ┬áThere is much we don’t, and were never meant to understand.

Everyone always says how hard it is going to be when everyone parts ways for college. I don’t know, of course leaving people you’ve known for a long time is hard, but I can honestly say I’m not going to sweat it. Maybe my opinion will change when august rolls around. I’m lucky enough to have most of my closer friends going to Philly schools too. Sadly, we might grow apart too. I’m not dismissing or permitting the idea yet. Who knows.
Life is a freaking roller coaster…things you thought could never happen, happen randomly, and things you thought would last forever, dont.

Like most of us, I can say a small part of me will miss the comfort of home, Wilson High School, and even Berks County. I think breaking that comfort zone and moving on to different places, even if there are some metaphorical bitch slaps along the way, will result in a better, more rounded person.
As for me, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my school year, bask in the summer air, and then I’m peacin out. Hopefully to make something of myself.
Good luck with your life.
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